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"Dan Parvu is an excellent trainer."

I am one of Dan’s first clients. I first began with Dan ten years ago, after having disappointing results with another trainer. Dan focuses on his client during the sessions and is able to individualize techniques to each client to achieve the clients goals.

–  Jim

Seven bodybuilding myths that are not true

7 Bodybuilding Lies That Are Keeping You Skinny and WeakFrom Alain Gonzalez Elite FTS | Posted on: 05/25/2016 |    Unsubstantiated bro-science has circulated the fitness community with many fictitious claims — from the idea that we must consume protein within 15...

Protein facts: how much, how often?

By Bob Kupniewski Athletic Xtreme One of the most asked about topics or articles people always want to know about is in regards to protein intake. Many athletes or general gym goers will continue to wonder what is the adequate amount, how often should I be intaking...