Personal Training Testimonials

Testimonials about Dan Parvu

“When I started working with Dan, I had been a professional dancer for 10 years but had never worked out in a gym. My body was flexible and in good health, but I was missing an overall confidence in my physical strength. My top concern was to find a trainer who understood my need to remain flexible enough to dance while pushing my body without causing injury.

Dan immediately understood my goals and made my transition to the weight room comfortable and fun. Not only do our workout routines stay fresh week to week, but Dan’s humorous, humble and intuitive personality makes me enjoy pushing my body to its limits during each session. He strikes the perfect balance between being casual and staying focused, and he’s immediately trustworthy. I recommend Dan to anyone who is serious about getting and staying in shape.”

Kilian Kröll, Dancer & Professional Coach


“Dan Parvu is an excellent trainer. I am one of Dan’s first clients. I first began with Dan ten years ago, after having disappointing results with another trainer. Dan focuses on his client during the sessions and is able to individualize techniques to each client to achieve the clients goals. As a result, I continue to see results and am in better shape and healthier than I was ten years ago.”



“Dan has been my trainer since 2005. When I started with him, I weighed 125 lbs. At 5′-11”, I was not at all happy with what I looked like. I had 2 different trainers before Dan and saw no results. With Dan’s great training style, nutrition guidelines, and motivation, I made huge gains (NATURALLY) in the first 2 years, gaining 50 lbs. of lean muscle. Today, I’ve settled in at 173 lbs., a weight I’m comfortable with, and I have Dan to thank for all of it, especially my “Parvu booty and legs!” The thing that impresses me more than Dan’s training and guidance is his great work ethic. Dan has NEVER missed an appointment or arrived a minute late for our sessions in over 8 years. Thanks, Dan!”



Dan is so much more than a personal trainer; he is a partner on your journey to find a healthier you.

Dan has been working with me for 6 years. He not only challenges me in the gym but provides guidance and support for my time outside the gym. Like most people, I am busy and find it difficult to find time to exercise and make appropriate meal choices. Dan is always willing to work with me to find the appropriate schedule and also provide advice on appropriate eating habits. It is not unusual for me to text Dan a question, and he is there to provide the answer. His commitment to me is so much more than the 60 minute sessions.

Dan is my biggest cheerleader in life in achieving and maintaing my personal physique.

Dan has the perfect personality to push you but keep things enjoyable so that your time in the gym is truly an escape from your busy work. I highly recommend Dan to help you today.