About Dan Parvu

NASM,cpt,CES (corrective exercise specialist),FNS(fitness nutrition specialist)

Dan Parvu has been in the fitness industry for almost 13 years and has helped countless clients with various health needs and personalized workouts.  His philosophy is that everyone is capable of achieving a level of fitness that they can be proud of, regardless of how busy they are or what other diets or health plans they’ve followed in the past.

If you are ready to change your lifestyle, Dan is here to give you a push in the right direction with fun, interactive workouts, nutrition counseling and injury prevention specifically tailored to you.

In addition to a personal training certification Dan is also a corrective exercise specialist ready to do assessments and help you perform at the highest level whether you are an experienced lifter to just a busy professional.

Besides successfully competing as an amateur natural bodybuilder, Dan enjoys hiking, biking, walking his dog and enjoying good food.
With this enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, Dan helps busy professionals — from creative entrepreneurs to the Mayor of Philadelphia — achieve inner & outer strength, endurance and success.