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Personal Fitness Trainer

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Dan Parvu has been in the fitness industry for almost 13 years and has helped countless clients with various health needs and personalized workouts. His philosophy is that everyone is capable of achieving a level of fitness that they can be proud of, regardless of how busy they are or what other diets or health plans they’ve followed in the past.

If you are ready to change your lifestyle, Dan is here to give you a push in the right direction with fun, interactive workouts, nutrition counseling and injury prevention specifically tailored to you.

Dream. Achieve. Succeed.

“Not only do our workout routines stay fresh week to week, but Dan’s humorous, humble and intuitive personality makes me enjoy pushing my body to its limits during each session.“


“Dan focuses on his client during the sessions and is able to individualize techniques to each client to achieve the clients goals. As a result, I continue to see results and am in better shape and healthier than I was ten years ago.

– Jim

“Dan has the perfect personality to push you but keep things enjoyable so that your time in the gym is truly an escape from your busy work. I highly recommend Dan to help you today.”

– Heather

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